Others Photography was created with the goal of capturing life’s most beautiful moments. To that end, we focus on the natural world whether it be landscapes or wildlife, as well as event photography such as concerts and music festivals.

Others Photography was found by James Anargirou (pictured) as a way to share his passion for photography with others.

The name of Others Photography was inspired by the metal song, “We Are The Others” which describes certain people whom are “cast-outs” or “outsiders” but declares that they are not actually alone like they thought, because they all have each other and are collectively “the others”. This relates to our photography in that we strive to find the beauty in places others may have already dismissed. We strive to find the beauty in that which has been out-cast or ignored. We strive to find the beauty in the little mundane things that are often taken for granted. We strive to find beauty… Everywhere.